About Glen Eldon

Prior to launching his family label of Glen Eldon Wines, Richard gained his experience as Winemaker/General Manager at Elderton and previously at St Hallett Wines. We produce premium wines that display the world known and admired characters of the Barossa.


Fired up by his enthusiasm for the wine industry Richard made the perilous trip from Victoria to the Barossa in South Australia to study wine-making. He never left.


The Barossa – a thousand different vineyards, 13 different sub-regions and a myriad different soils and elevations. Even within one vineyard it is possible to have such different blocks that they make completely different wines.


Delighted with another successful vintage


Looking back at the Barossa hills from our cellar door

The Barossa – the largest repository of old vine vineyards in the world. Prized for their miniscule crops of rich fruit with an intensity of flavour that younger vineyards can only aspire to. Each gem yielding different characters.


The Barossa Deutsch – 5th and 6th generation locals that first arrived as religious refugees from Prussia and Silesia. People moved by a strong sense of community, their faith (there are 5 Lutheran churches in Tanunda alone) and their strong work ethic. Custodians of these old vine treasures.


After a 5 year apprenticeship at St Hallet supplemented by studying part time as Roseworthy College (one of the top 3 winemaking colleges in the world) it was only natural that Richard wanted to make his own wine. And in the Barossa that inevitably means Shiraz.


The very first wine Richard made just for himself. Inspired to express the regional diversity of the Barossa guided by his principles – passion, purpose, place.


Three different sub-districts; 12 parcels of fruit from different soils types and elevations; 17 different wines – each hand-made and kept separate carefully monitored while in barrel. Each prized for different characteristics that they would contribute to the final wine. Then the trial blends carefully assessing and selecting till Richard is truly happy.


Drawing barrel samples for a trial blend of the Dry Bore Shiraz


2016 Cabernet grapes from Moss Springs

The rest goes into Kicking Back.


It has been that way ever since and the same dedication goes into each wine – expressing Richard’s joy for wine, his commitment to his craft and his determination to make wonderful expressions of the Barossa – rich, generous, friendly, distinctive and fun.


Because after all a good wine is to be cherished with friends, family, some yummy food and a few laughs.


Richard & Mary Sheedy


Our Team

We are a small team of myself, Richard, and my wife Mary. We grow, make and sell the wine. We also drink plenty of it too.



Richard came to the Barossa Valley in 1992 to study wine-making and never left.


“I fell in love with the generous friendly people, the wonderful weather, delicious food and of course the Shiraz … what more do you need?”


And so began the love affair that shows no sign of stopping. Along the way Richard was the youngest Chairman of the Barossa Winemakers Association, General Manager / Winemaker at Elderton Wines and Glen Eldon Wines has been twice voted dark-horse winery to watch by James Halliday. It has also been rated 5 stars for past 9 years in a row.


Yet for all the accolades it is in the vineyards and with his individual parcel wines in the winery that Richard is happiest. Here he gives full rein to his enthusiasm for bringing the unique expressions from his carefully selected micro-sites alive. Crafting distinctive rich generous wines.



Mary is the axis around which Richard & the whole winery world revolves. She is the calm questioning and supportive counter-balance to Richard’s enthusiasm and drive. Mary is also the marketing manager and is the cheery voice helping you with your wine queries and packing your orders in the cool cellar.


Oh and she is also the mother of 4 active children and enjoys gardening when time, oh and the occasional glass of vino!